Real Foot-bots

Requests regarding how to set up experiments in ARGoS.
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Real Foot-bots

Postby Waqar731 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:48 am

Can we buy the foot-bots which can be like the foot-bots as working in ARGoS simulator?
It would be easy to use foot-bot supported by the ARGoS simulator to perform the experiment on ARGoS simulator as well as on real foot-bots :!:
How can we import these foot-bots to other countries?
What is the cost of these foot-bots having all these sensors and actuators as we can see in the simulation?
Can we simulate our own real robots in ARGoS simulator?
Any tutorial which can help to embed the ARGoS code on the real robots?

Thanks for reply!
Waqar Hussain

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Re: Real Foot-bots

Postby pincy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:55 am

You can't buy real foot-bots because they're not commercial robots. But you can buy real Khepera IV robots, and also simulate them using this plugin:

If you want to simulate your own robots, a good place to start is to modify the Khepera plugin linked above to match your robot.
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