argos3: symbol lookup error:

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argos3: symbol lookup error:

Postby Aakriti » Fri Nov 06, 2020 8:20 am

I have created my own loop functions with the name tracking_loop_functions.h, tracking_loop_functions.cpp. It is being called along with the controller epuck_tracking.cpp. This controller individually works fine (i.e. without using loop function along with it). But, along with the loop function, I am getting the following error while running the final code.

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[INFO] Total experiment length in clock ticks = unlimited [INFO] Loaded library "./build/controllers/epuck_tracking/" [INFO] Loaded library "./build/loop_functions/tracking_loop_functions/" argos3: symbol lookup error: ./build/loop_functions/tracking_loop_functions/ undefined symbol: _ZN22CTrackingLoopFunctionsC1Ev
CTrackingLoopFunctions is the class name in my loop function. I have attached the files below for reference.
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Re: argos3: symbol lookup error:

Postby pincy » Fri Nov 06, 2020 3:12 pm

Type the following command:

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$ c++filt _ZN22CTrackingLoopFunctionsC1Ev
you'll get:

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If you check your code, you'll notice that there is no implementation for the class constructor.
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