Error during running of argos

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Re: Error during running of argos

Postby pincy » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:42 am

If you type `argos3 -q sensors | grep sensors` you'll get a list of all the available sensors:

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[ eyebot_light (rot_z_only) ] The eye-bot light sensor (optimized for 2D). [ footbot_light (rot_z_only) ] The foot-bot light sensor (optimized for 2D). [ kheperaiv_light (rot_z_only) ] The KheperaIV light sensor (optimized for 2D). [ light (default) ] A generic light sensor.
In your XML file, in the section <sensors>, you need to put one of these. The error message you get is because there no sensor called "light" whose implementation is "rot_z_only". If you want to use "light", then you need to use "default" as implementation. If you want to use the eye-bot - specific sensor, then use "rot_z_only".
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