An infinite continuous (borderless)arena

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An infinite continuous (borderless)arena

Postby Saad Yousuf » Mon Mar 07, 2022 7:02 pm


Is it possible to have a continuous arena (kind of similar to our own Earth 's 3d sphere where the area is continuous(if a robot/epuck, etc shifts out of a frame from say the East side of arena(borderless), it appears from the West(similar from going North and appear back down from the South upwards and vice versa) ) ) with Argos's Systems? I believe there could be problems regarding this with say the 2d Dynamics employed in Argos, the partitioning of a sample robot(such as in the going East and reappearing from the West example in our main camera view) and how sensors/interactions of those such partitions would occur for the robot, and so on.
Would such a continuous arena be possible or even feasible for studies? It does make studies such as mine(mine involve Aggregation FSM(Finite State Machine Probabilistic based) methods from past papers to test Argos 's capabilities. Hence, we would avoid the concerns/interactions regarding avoiding obstacles(the arena walls in our case which we want removed) if such a continuous arena was feasible.


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Re: An infinite continuous (borderless)arena

Postby pincy » Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:31 pm

It's not possible just out-of-the-box, unfortunately.

The issue is that typical physics engines assume no border and no wrapping. The physics engine you need should be fixed to allow for wrapping, which would also impact the way collisions are handled.

Chipmunk and Bullet, the engines we have at the moment, don't offer this feature.
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