Open Source implemented examples on Argos

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Saad Yousuf
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Open Source implemented examples on Argos

Postby Saad Yousuf » Mon Mar 07, 2022 7:05 pm

Are there any previously available FSM(Finite State Machine) based SWARM aggregation approaches implemented on Argos that are possibly open-source and easy to study Argos's code adaptations from?

I have tracked Argos3 citing projects, but can't seem to find any SWARM Aggregation Methods(FSM/Learning based/Virtual-Physics Employing) tested on it and released on any Open Source-Platform/Github,etc.
Perhaps they are still in development I guess


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Re: Open Source implemented examples on Argos

Postby pincy » Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:32 pm

The ARGoS examples provide all of the things you ask. Check the foraging example for an FSM and the flocking example for physics-based methods.
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