PDFs for documentation and dollaboration

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PDFs for documentation and dollaboration

Postby PeterK » Wed Dec 20, 2023 6:31 pm

Hello everyone !

I've been working with ARGoS simulator for a while now, and I'm exploring how to effectively use PDF files in conjunction with it. Specifically, I'm interested in discussing the best practices for documenting simulation results in PDF format, particularly for academic publications or research reports. Additionally, I'm curious about how PDFs can be utilized for sharing robot configurations and control architectures, ensuring clear and standardized communication. I'm also looking for insights on creating tutorials and user guides in PDF to help new users get started with ARGoS. Furthermore, I'd love to hear about methods for converting simulation data into graphs or images for inclusion in pdfsmart, enhancing visualization and analysis. Lastly, I believe PDFs can play a significant role in collaboration and knowledge sharing across different teams working on similar ARGoS projects.

Looking forward to your insights and contributions!

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